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Trivium gives you more than durable and sustainable packaging for liquid and aerosol paints and coatings. We deliver the shapes, sizes and decorative effects that help your band stand out along with innovative, low-cost closure options.

MaxMeyer Paint can

The Proven Performance of Metal

When it comes to packaging colour, metal is the obvious choice for protection, sustainability and brand image. 

Metal provides the ultimate in protection for paints and coatings, even in harsh working conditions and temperatures. It is non-permeable, resealable and safe. It offers total barrier protection against light, gas and oxygen and delivers strong fire resistance for flammable contents.

Metal also gives you a truly sustainable solution. Metal cans are easily extracted from the waste stream magnetically, simplifying recycling. Paint residue does not affect recyclability. Metal packaging is considered a permanent material and is part of a circular economy in which materials can be infinitely recycled without loss of quality.

Beyond the Basics

We provide a complete range of packaging products for liquid and aerosol paints and coatings, including UN-approved products.

Our sophisticated shaping capabilities and in-house graphic centres deliver an added level of distinction to your packaging. Ergonomic shaping can achieve a ‘three-finger’ profile while a multitude of decorative techniques can be employed to give your brand the distinction it deserves.

Metal packaging presents a premium image to your customers and we help elevate that image through distinctive shapes and designs and a variety of easy-to-open and recloseable closures, including our patented  SpRingLatch pail lid.

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Experienced and Capable

Trivium can meet any demand with our large footprint of production facilities across Europe, offering excellent business continuity management. Our Centres of Excellence for printing and components are supported by a highly trained and experienced 24/7 Customer Technical Support team.

While we bring over 120 years of experience serving industrial markets to our customers, we never stop innovating. We continue to build on our deep knowledge of ‘dangerous goods ’ packaging and extensive capabilities with new innovations that provide paint and coating brands with the best possible packaging solution for every product.

Case Study

Farrow & Ball Enhances Brand Image with Trivium Metal Packaging

Farrow & Ball has built its brand on the pillars of beauty and eco-friendliness. Their richly pigmented paint produces a depth of colour and quality of finish that brings indoor and outdoor spaces to life. The same exclusive attention to detail and commitment to uncompromising quality applies to the brand’s choice of metal packaging for its full range of colours. With Trivium metal cans printed and produced in various sizes from 750 ml to 5 L, the brand has established a recognisable and iconic package that matches the quality of the contents.

Farrow & Ball Paint can
Trivium watermark

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