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Trivium products for paints and coatings allow you to take full advantage of metal’s protection and sustainability while developing a distinctive look for your brand through our shaping and decoration capabilities.

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The Right Package for Every Product

Trivium metal packaging provides the ultimate in protection for your paints and coatings, even in harsh working conditions and temperatures. With our metal packaging you have the confidence your product is in non-permeable, resealable, recyclable and safe packaging.

Our solutions include a range of UN-approved metal packaging and are supported by a variety of easy-to-open and recloseable packing solutions, including our patented SpringLatch pail lid.

Trivium offers a complete range of packaging solutions for paints and coatings, including:

  • Lever-lid cans
  • Lever-lid pails
  • Conical pails and drums
  • Pails
  • Canisters
  • Dome top cans
  • Aerosols in various shapes and sizes

Distinctive Shaping and Decoration

Our sophisticated shaping capabilities and in-house graphic centres provide an added level of distinction to our solutions. Ergonomic shaping can achieve a ‘three-finger’ profile that enhances consumer appeal while decorative techniques can be employed to enhance shelf appeal.

Our full colour printing machines use the latest technologies to deliver distinctive decorative effects, such as ‘matte and mirror impact’, colour-match paint cans and rubber touch decorations.

Our Centres of Excellence for printing and components are supported by a highly trained and experienced 24/7 Customer Technical Services team.

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Case Study

Farrow & Ball Enhances Brand Image with Trivium Metal Packaging

Farrow & Ball has built its brand on the pillars of beauty and eco-friendliness. Their richly pigmented paint produces a depth of colour and quality of finish that brings indoor and outdoor spaces to life. The same exclusive attention to detail and commitment to uncompromising quality applies to the brand’s choice of metal packaging for its full range of distinctive colours. With Trivium metal cans printed and produced in various sizes from 750 ml to 5 L, the brand has established a recognisable and iconic package that matches the quality of the contents.

Farrow & Ball Paint can

Manufacturing Capacity and Continuity

Trivium can meet the capacity requirements of any brand through our large manufacturing footprint across Europe. We have integrated business continuity planning into our production environments, enabling production to be shifted to other approved facilities if a disruptive event were to occur.

With more than 120 years of experience serving industrial markets, we know what it takes to help paint and coatings brands grow: safe, distinctive packaging supported by deep expertise and scalable production.

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SpRingLatch Pail Closure Delivers Innovation and Easy Implementation

Trivium’s patented SpRingLatch, a pail closure and re-closure system for paint, chemical and coating filling lines, was recognised at the Canmaker awards for its innovative design. It provides an automated and cost-effective alternative to the manual closing process required when using standard ring-latch closures.

The design automatically expands the ring latch when vertical pressure is applied to the lid, and securely fixes the lid onto the container. This simple, ingenious manoeuvre seals the lid and enables the pail to be effortlessly and securely opened and re-closed as required. Best of all, SpRingLatch can be immediately fitted to the existing line, delivering a very low-cost solution with an attractive return.

SpRingLatch is UN qualifieds for both 230mm and 286mm diameter pails as suitable for the filling of hazardous packaged materials.

“SpRing Latch is just the kind of development we were waiting for,” said Wilhelm Althuber, Global Spend Area Main Buyer for Consumer Packaging at Akzo Nobel,  “With a very simple, low investment cost solution, we were able to implement SpRing Latch straight away at filling lines and it has made an immediate impact.”

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