Exceeding expectations for the world’s leading brands.

About Us
A wide range of sustainable, reliable, and customisable products

Trivium provides industry-leading expertise in producing and supplying metal packaging for a variety of applications and industries. Our range includes two- and three- piece cans, aerosols, threaded bottles , and more. If you need sustainable metal packaging, we can make it happen.

Infinitely recyclable, highly reliable, decidedly sustainable

Metal recycles forever without any loss of quality. It also enjoys high recycling rates around the world. That means metal stays in the loop, enabling a circular economy.

That's not all. Metal provides unrivalled protection of your product and an exceptional canvas for brand promotion and messaging with graphics that pop and stand out on any shelf.

Innovative solutions for a wide range of markets and applications
We continually pursue innovative product designs and production technologies to create breakthrough metal packaging for industry-leading global brands. Our versatile and infinitely recyclable packaging solutions can help drive sales in these market categories.