Sustainable Value

By exclusively using infinitely recyclable materials and driving out inefficiencies in our processes, Trivium delivers sustainable value to our customers and the planet.

The Results Are In

Focusing on sustainability is proving to be a recipe for success for brands all over the world. Sustainably marketed products are growing 5.6 times faster than conventionally marketed products. 

That's because consumers are losing their tolerance for products in packaging that isn't easily or fully recyclable. A 2020 survey of more than 15,000 consumers by the Boston Consulting Group found that:


are less likely to buy products in packaging that is harmful to the environment.


refuse to buy products in harmful packaging.


would pay more for personal care and beauty products in sustainable packaging. For beverage products, 74% said they would pay more.


2020 Global Buying Green Report

Read the report for more insights on changing consumer perceptions in sustainable packaging. 

Metal Makes the Grade

The Steel and aluminium used by Trivium in our packaging represent the pinnacle of recyclability. These materials are 100% infinitely recyclable. That means our packaging can be recycled over and over without any loss of quality.

There's a reason you never hear about the problems with metal waste. It just doesn't exist. There is a strong market for recycled metals and a financial incentive for recyclers to capture that value. 

That simply isn't the case with plastic. 

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Environmental Focus

As a global company, we take our responsibility to minimise the environmental impact of our production processes seriously.

Through our Operational Excellence program and environmental management systems, we drive continuous efficiency improvements across our organization. We closely monitor our energy consumption and emissions, maximise our recycling rates, optimise the use of secondary packaging materials, manage waste appropriately and limit water usage.

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