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Discover a wide range of infinitely recyclable metal packaging, designed to meet the specific needs of your products and add value to your business. A global leader recognised for our innovative metal packaging production, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate on a one-of-a-kind solution for your brand.

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Food Cans

Available in several sizes and shapes, our 2- and 3-piece aluminum and steel cans are a cost-effective, safe and sustainable way to preserve your food products naturally–locking in vitamins, minerals and flavours.

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Seafood Cans

Choose from a variety of metal can shapes, printed or labelled, to protect your seafood products without refrigeration, over long distances and in severe conditions.

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Pet Food Cans

Ideal for wet pet food products, explore our selection of 2- and 3-piece aluminum and steel cans to provide your customers with single- and multi-serve flexibility, along with easy-open solutions.

Aerosol Cans Product Icon

Aerosol Cans

Rely on the world's largest producer of steel and aluminum aerosols for a high-quality innovative solution that offers unlimited design opportunities to set your product apart from the rest.

Nutrition Cans Product Icon

Nutrition Cans

Trust our metal packaging to meet the industry's stringent hygiene and quality standards. Advanced shaping and opening systems, including deep drawn ends, rivets and QR coding, help provide a safe, tamper-proof solution that's also easily branded for product recognition.

Beverage Bottles Product Icon

Beverage Bottles

Our advanced techniques create endless possibilities for custom bottle shaping and printing, whether you plan to seal with a crown or formed metal thread closure. The result? A sustainable product that stands out at shelf.

Beverage Kegs Product Icon

Beverage Kegs

Brand your beer keg experience for professional or in-home use with our selection of premium print finishes. Kegs also feature easy-to-tap technology and an integrated pressure system for the perfect pour and lasting freshness.

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Paints & Coatings

Find a diverse range of innovative, cost-effective and flexible packaging solutions specially designed to meet the needs of paints and coatings manufacturers–from ensuring your products have a long shelf life to increasing their appeal with customers.

Aluminum Slugs Product Icon

Aluminum Slugs

Using the latest advancements in aluminum alloy technology, we can supply high-quality, eco-friendly aluminum slugs to your exact metal specifications. They're ideal for transforming into rust-resistant and lightweight aerosol cans and other extruded metal applications.

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Does your product require a unique can or bottle size, a hinged lid or other special features? With our advanced shaping and printing technologies, we can customize a packaging solution that's right for you. We already do for products like peanuts, biscuits, coffee, syrups and pharmaceuticals.

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Ends & Components

From the Easy Peel® with rivet technology to the user-friendly OptiLift®, our innovative opening solutions and components continue to lead the industry, providing you more opportunities to add value and reduce costs.

Specialty Threaded Product Icon

Threaded Bottles

A sustainable alternative to plastic packaging that's also conveniently reusable, our metal threaded bottles come in a variety of cap and neck finishes that help keep your product fresh and your consumers safe.