Vitamins, Supplements, and OTC Packaging

A New Way To Differentiate Your Brand

Our bold, sleek, and sustainable aluminum bottles enable you to elevate your vitamin, supplement, or OTC brand in ways you never imagined. Perfect for a wide variety of formulations, our packaging solutions allow you to customize the size, shape, graphics, capacity, and security features to fit your brand’s unique offerings.

Did you know? Converting from plastic to aluminum saves an average of 950 tons of plastic waste for every 1 million bottles. 
Trivium Vitamins, Supplements, and OTC Packaging

Sustainability & Benefits of Trivium’s Aluminum Bottles


We ensure packaging sustainability...

  • 100% aluminum packaging is infinitely recyclable and can include recycled content 
  • Superior barrier quality elongates shelf life and limits product waste
  • Direct printing eliminates the need for a label

...while helping your brand stand out

  • Advanced shaping and graphical capabilities enhance your brand identity and create a distinctive, stand-out look
  • Innovative inks and coatings give products a differentiated, premium look and feel

Our bottles:

  • Offer a high strength-to-weight ratio and are rust-proof
  • Are compatible with safety seals and child-resistant closures
  • Align with consumer desire for more sustainable packaging and reduction in plastic use
  • Can be part of a refillable solution
Trivium Vitamins, Supplements, and OTC Packaging

Supercharge Your Brand and Grow Sustainably

Trivium has partnered with hundreds of brands across many industries to create visually distinctive, environmentally conscious solutions.

Our packaging helps brands stand out in multiple ways, with unique shapes and designs, bold graphics printed directly on the package, and a different material that makes sustainability a core part of your brand image…

…and using the world’s most recycled material contributes to meeting packaging sustainability goals.

Consumers Seek Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability-marketed products grew 7.1x faster than traditionally marketed products.


52% are actively looking for recycling or sustainability information on packaging

57% say they are less likely to buy a product in harmful packaging

73% will pay more for sustainable personal care packaging

Source: NYU Stern CSB Sustainable Market Share Index 2020

2021 Buying Green report conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (n=15,000+)

The Power of Innovation

With more than 450 active patents and over 95 international awards, our R&D team consists of collaborative and experienced thought leaders all poised to partner with you and your team to innovate, develop, test, and optimize new products or technologies.

We're constantly developing new offerings and would love to work with your brand to develop new solutions.

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