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Aluminium bottles have proven their value in the beverage industry. Our advanced techniques create endless possibilities for custom bottle shaping and printing to create truly sustainable beverage packaging that stands apart in a highly competitive category.

Trivium beverage bottles
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Trivium beverage bottles

Meet Changing Consumer Preferences

Aluminium bottles from Trivium are ideal for a wide variety of beverage products, including spirits, wine, beer, soft drinks and water.

Across categories, our bottles address consumer preferences for portability, sustainability and premium products.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes with a crown or formed metal thread closure, our bottles can be cost-effectively produced in small runs to enable our customers to create custom bottles for special events or to pilot line extensions. 

But, they can also do more than that.

With consumers becoming more aware of the environmental issues associated with plastic, aluminium beverage bottles have emerged as a strong alternative for beverage companies that want to enhance product sustainability without compromising their brand image.

Using infinitely recyclable materials, our bottles can be recycled over and over without loss of quality. This feature also allows you to add recycled content to your package with confidence, further satisfying consumers' desire for sustainable packaging. 

A 2020 survey by the Boston Consulting Group, found that 47% of consumers surveyed said they are willing to pay at least 5% more for eco-friendly packaging and 47% said they won’t buy products in harmful packaging.

Stand Out on the Store Shelf

The quality and feel of an aluminium bottle supports a premium image for your brand, which can be enhanced with distinctive shaping and graphics. 

With an aluminium bottle, you're not limited to a label for your graphics—the entire bottle is your canvas. Our custom graphics and finishes deliver impact in ways that other packaging simply can’t.  For example, we can offer NoVar inks that allow matte and gloss on same package, soft-touch inks for a rubberized feel and metallic flake and pearl base coat effects.

Want to see what your graphics will look like on one of our bottles? Visit our online Product Visualizer.

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Ready for Any Challenge

Trivium has worked with some of the leading brands in the beverage industry and, with more than 60 locations across the globe, we have the scale and resources to handle any size project. Our specialists work with you throughout the process to define specifications and provide graphic and processing support. 

Case Study

Building a Beverage Brand on Sustainability

Proud Source Water’s strategy for succeeding in the highly competitive bottled water market was to appeal to both environmentally conscious and quality-conscious consumers. Key to achieving that goal was product packaging that had the lowest possible end-of-life impact but also met requirements for durability and resealability.

The answer proved to be aluminium bottles. The brand made the strategic decision to package 100% of its product in aluminium bottles from Trivium and actively encourages consumers in its brand marketing to choose “planet over plastic.”

Those decisions have helped the brand stand out in the crowded category. Launched in early 2018, Proud Source Water had already spread to 40 states just one year later and is continuing to expand.

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