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Through continuous R&D, scalable manufacturing and rigorous testing, Trivium provides food manufacturers with distinctive, high-quality and 100% infinitely recyclable metal packaging that helps your brands stand out.

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Food Cans

A Full Range of Shapes and Sizes

Cans from Trivium deliver the consistent quality required to protect and preserve your products while providing distinctive shapes and sizes and convenient opening solutions consumers look for.

Our cans are available in a comprehensive range of diameters, heights and internal and external coatings. Our offering includes multi- and single-serve use, as well as microwavable cans. Standard diameters range from 52 mm to 153 mm and heights from 28 mm to 375 mm.

We apply either two-piece (DWI) or three-piece technology and we also offer a ‘Drawn Re-drawn (‘DRD’) technology for cans of a smaller diameter. 

Trivium is the pioneer in DWI technology. Draw and Wall Ironing (DWI) is an advanced metal can making process, which differs from traditional 3 piece can manufacturing in that the main body and base are formed together in one piece via an extrusion and ironing process, rather than using a rolling and seaming process. This manufacturing method offers tremendous potential for further down gauging of material, bringing both financial and environmental benefits. Trivium operates several DWI plants across Europe and new, state-of-the-art DWI can making facilities in the USA.

Using blow moulding or mechanical expansion technologies, we offer shelf-differentiating shapes to help your brand stand out.

Quality and Support at Every Step

Our R&D Centre employs close to 100 scientists that work with our customers to focus on innovations that drive growth in the market. They also conduct rigorous research of metals and coatings with techniques such as accelerated shelf life testing.

Once shapes and gauging have been specified, our in-house graphic centres can enhance product appearance with a multitude of decorative techniques.

We offer an online 3D studio so you can visualize how a 2D graphic will appear on your can and our full colour printing machines use the latest technologies to deliver special decorative effects.

Tomorrow’s market requirements demand a continuous digital process chain due to significantly shorter lead times, frequently changing decors, smaller and recurrent changing quantities. Trivium takes the technological lead and offers a unique and innovative solution in central colour management and digital proofing on metal cans.

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Europe and North America ensure high-quality, cost-effective volume production.

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Case Study

Bonduelle Delivers Taste and Variety with Steel Mini-Cans

When French food manufacturers Bonduelle identified a gap in the market for smaller servings of vegetables to accompany meals, they turned to Trivium for a packaging solution. The result was a new line of single-serving vegetables, including sweetcorn, chickpeas, kidney beans and mushrooms, packaged in easy-open steel mini cans. Distinctive, high-definition graphics ensure the product stands out on the shelf while satisfying consumers’ desire for increased variety, colour and taste on the plate.

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Committed to Your Success

From the scientists that help define specifications to our global, 24/7 Customer Technical Service teams that can assist with all aspects of can filling, seaming and processing, Trivium works as a partner with our customers to ensure the success of every project.

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