Ends & Components

Trivium offers a complete range of 100% infinitely recyclable opening solutions and ends for all of our metal packaging.

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Ends & Components

Opening Innovation

Our peelable closures are ideal for heat processed products, such as seafood, dairy desserts and pet food, as well as dry and powdered products, such as baby food, coffee and nuts.

Our newest generation of Easy Peel® closures are suitable for continuous retorts without counter pressure. There is also an Easy Peel solution for overpressure retort applications.

The Trivium OptiLift® solution is a steel easy-open end that now features even better finger access for effortless opening. It is the world’s thinnest steel end with a thickness of 0.18 mm.

Ends and Tops

Trivium also manufactures aerosol steel ends and tops in various sizes as well as open-top ends in various sizes and diameters for all kinds of dry- and heat-processed food. We offer many different options to ensure you get the perfect solution. Use our contact form to get started.

Ends and Components

Always Adding Value

Additional features such as embossing and debossing are available for added visual appeal, while rivets can add anti-counterfeiting protection.

From the Easy Peel with rivet technology to the user-friendly OptiLift, our opening solutions, ends and tops continue to lead the industry, providing you more opportunities to add value and reduce costs.

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